Current Exhibition

“FEAST: Images of the Edible”
February 23rd – April 2nd

Saturday, March 12th from 7-9 p.m.
(Snow Date March 19th, Please call if in doubt)


Gallery Seven presents “FEAST: Images of the Edible” an exhibition assembled by guest juror Kaveh Mojtabai, founder and publisher of Artscope Magazine. Mr. Mojtabai chose 43 pieces of artwork, depicting the theme of food, from 145 images submitted by New England artists. Food is one of the most shared common experiences that humans have, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your culture is like, food is at the center of human existence. Food in its most basic form is necessary to sustain life, but food can also be elevated to an art.

Artist Sherie Harkins’ painting,“Tomato Light”, depicts luscious ripe tomatoes that are mouthwatering. With the light from behind illuminating the delicate skins as well as the tiny prickly hairs on the stems, one just wants to reach out and take one. “Best in Show” was awarded to Renée Caouette for her skillful use of light portraying an apple and a lemon next to a tall silver pot atop a table in her painting entitled “Boiling Over”.  Tamara Gonda’s abstract painting, “Cotton Candy” is pink, light, and airy bringing a smile and memories of childhood and a simpler time. While in contrast, Matt McKee’s image “Hi, Steaks!” portrays a raw slab of meat attached to a grenade trigger. With its stark white background and the tiniest drop of blood dangling from the edge of the steak, the viewer may experience a mix of emotions.

The paintings, photographs, mixed media, and fiber pieces in this exhibition range from representational to abstract combining the art of food with visual art. No matter what the style of art, these images are compelling because food itself is compelling.  Artists: Rebecca Abi-Saad, Maria Bablyak, Renée Caouette, Raj Das, Marian Dioguardi, Susan M. Funk, Tamara Gonda, Sherie Harkins, Lonnie Harvey, Marian C. Ingegneri, Raffi Kodjian, Linda Kosidlo, Lynn Mahony, Liz McGranaghan, Matt McKee, Catherine Meeks, Laurie G. Miller, Liz Nania, Peg O’Connell, Pat Olsen, Niki Orphanos, Michael Orzech, Joyce Saler, Jodi Scaltreto, Tony Schwartz, Irene Stapleford, Susan Tobey White, Timothy Wilson, and John Wood.

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