Current Exhibition

April 15th – May 23rd


Saturday, April 26th from 7-9 p.m.


Gallery Seven presents “Chroma” with works by Janet Albert, Willy Garver, Kate Graham Heyd, Lee Pina, and Louis Henri Pingitore. Chroma is the Greek word for color and this show has plenty of it. These 5 artists, whether working with paints or digital photography, create brilliantly colorful works of art. Louis Henri Pingitoreʼs digital photographs in metal are original compositions that he feels “reflect the fluid nature of light, color, shape and line – when stripped of form”. The end result is illuminating images such as “Quietism” where the waves of color wash over the viewer with a meditative rhythm.

Kate Graham Heyd is inspired by the colors found in nature and her large mixed media pieces radiate with an expertly harmonized palette. When looking at her works “Emote” or “Rebirth” one is drawn into the whirlwind of colors. Swirling hues of greens, blues, yellows, reds, and purples surely remind the viewer of natureʼs unpredictable manner. Lee Pina is exhibiting pieces from her Core Series and her Pathways Series. Whether sheʼs using acrylic and plaster or watercolor and plaster on wood the finished product reveals softly blended colors that flow into one another with ease. Pinaʼs work is highly textured and although the paintings from the Core Series are deep and muted and the paintings from the Pathways Series are bright and vibrant, it is her use of color that gives the work its extraordinary power.

Janet Albert states, “my passion for color transitioned from 25 years of making pottery into becoming a painter”. Her luminous paintings, such as “So Many Possibilities” will instantly grab the viewer with its shocking red background and muted accent colors around the edges. Willy Garverʼs Arctic Dreams Series are beautifully constructed works depicting translucent glacier like structures rising from a sea of color to meet an equally chromatic horizon. She works in ink, watercolor and gouache on mulberry paper to create what appear to be lightly floating abstractions as can be seen in “The Land of Peace”.

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