Current Exhibition

June 7th – July 16th


Saturday, June 18th from 7-9 p.m.



Gallery Seven presents “Absence of Color III” with works by Lesley Cohen, Barb Cone, Susanah Howland, Irina Parfenova, Beverly Rippel, and Gessica Silverman. Artists working in color are taught to get the values right, the harmony of light and dark is often the foundation that supports color and most artwork will translate well into a monochrome or black and white image. In this exhibition six artists come together with paintings, mixed media, encaustic, monotypes, and drawings to celebrate the power and harmony that can be achieved by working only with darks, lights, and midtones.

Artist Susanah Howland brings us monotypes that evoke a quiet solitude. Whether you are looking at one of her dune landscapes or the back of a stoic bull in “Broken Horn”, there is a compelling stillness in her work. Irina Parfenova’s work depicts a haunting quality that draws one in to ask what is going on here. In her piece “Steps” we find an older woman at the top of what appear to be basement steps with her hand outstretched and an inquisitive look on her face as if she is about to ask some unknown entity a question.

Beverly Rippel’s “Memory Circuit Series”, is a stunning piece hung in a grid made up of 6 individual abstract paintings of pure white oil on canvas. Lesley Cohen’s dramatic charcoal and pastels from her Topographical Series remind one of crevasses chaotically stretching across the canvas, while Barb Cone’s encaustic /mixed media work from her “Low Tide” series, inspired by a day at Crane’s Beach, portrays strands of seaweed splashing from edge to edge.

Then there is Gessica Silverman who has constructed and deconstructed the words ” L O V E N O T E” several times — drawing them on archival Acetate, ornamenting them with duct tape, and then cutting them out. The letters and pieces that are left — parts and wholes — are then assembled into small three-dimensional delicate works of art. In all of this work it can be seen that something very meaningful is gained by the absence of color. There is a purity in the elegant balancing of tonality and it can be understood as reality having been stripped down to its bare essentials.


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