Current Exhibition

February 24th – April 4th


Saturday, March 7th from 7-9 p.m.
(Snow Date: March 14th. Call if in doubt)


Gallery Seven presents “REFLECTED” an exhibition assembled by guest juror Kristina Durocher, director and curator of the Museum of Art at the University of New Hampshire. Ms. Durocher chose 42 pieces of artwork, depicting the theme of an image being reflected, from over 320 submissions by New England artists. The paintings, photographs and drawings in this exhibition range from representational to the more abstract and portray the theme of reflection using a variety of methods. In Edward Feather’s photograph, “Early Morning Drive”, a side view mirror reflects the open roadway evoking a multitude of feelings from adventure to loneliness. While B. Glee Lucas’ oil painting, “Illusion”, uses a mirror to subtly reflect the soft petals of a flower and the vibrant colors of a vase.

Daniel Harris’ color photograph, “Isolated Reflection on Duality”, captures an abstract pattern reflected in a petri dish filled with clear oil placed upon a vibrating speaker creating an underlying energy source of “waves and reflected light”.  And Carol Addy’s photograph, “Lilypad”, depicts serene layers of soft color upon soft color, a beautiful abstraction. From Tony Schwartz’s sensuous image, “Sylvan Pond” (Best in Show) to Irene Stapleford’s painting, “Sudbury River, Concord”, this exhibition has an array of work for every kind of sensibility. From the obvious reflectors: water, mirrors, and windows to the not so obvious: the front of a vintage truck, a shiny tuba and even Jell-O, this themed exhibition has a lot to offer the viewer.

Artists: Meredith Abenaim, Carol Addy, Bob Bass, Carly Cummings, Lucia deLeiris, Marian Dioguardi, Daniel Duarte, Pippi Ellison, Edward Feather, Ed Friedman, Erik Gehring, Marcia Geier, Marv Goldschmitt, Daniel Harris, Paul Hitchen, tSofi Inbar, Dave Kaphammer, Vera Kaufman, Linda Kosidlo, Carol Krauss, Richard Lapping,! Christine Latini, B. Glee Lucas, Catherine F. Meeks, Bruce David Millet, Carrie M. Nixon, Carol Padden, Jeanine Sobell Pastore, Roy Perkinson, Wen Redmond, Luca Riccò, Paul Sarapas, Tony Schwartz, Irene Stapleford, Timothy Wilson, Carol Wintle, and James Zall.

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