Current Exhibition

June 2nd – July 18th


Saturday, June 20th from 7-9 p.m.


Gallery Seven presents “Absence of Color II” with works by Judith Cooper, Jim Curran, Annie Downes Catterson, Jaeok Lee, and Connie Saems. Artists working in color are taught to get the values right, the harmony of light and dark is often the foundation that supports color and most paintings will translate well into a monochrome or black and white image. In this exhibition five artists come together with paintings, woodcut reliefs prints, and drawings to celebrate the power and harmony that can be achieved by working only with darks, lights, and midtones.

When viewing works by Connie Saems, Judith Cooper, and Jim Curran the viewer is drawn in by the sense of kinetic energy flowing from and through the pieces. Saems works with permanent inks, graphite, thread, and mylar creating abstractions that are “the imagined journey of thoughts, feelings and movement as neurological impulses communicating across membranes”. While in Curran’s digital painting “Solace 8” one almost feels the rhythmic energy bouncing off of the paper as if dancing to music. A similar energy is felt in Cooper’s large drawings “Creating Myth” and “Full Moon Sky” where it feels as though one could dive into the tunnels of swirling energy to enter another realm.

Artist Jaeok Lee works with sumi and printing inks on rice paper to create serene paintings depicting plants and trees with an underlying abstract quality and Downes Catterson’s masterfully crafted woodcut relief prints bring us into a quiet meditative world of animals and their surroundings. In all of this work it can be seen that something very meaningful is gained by the absence of color. There is a purity in the elegant balancing of tonality and it can be understood as reality having been stripped down to its bare essentials.

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