Current Exhibition

October 6th – November 14th


Saturday, October 17th from 7-9 p.m.

New England Wax (N.E.W.) is a lively and growing professional organization that connects artists in the six New England states who work in the medium of encaustic. Their mission is to promote excellence in fine art made with encaustic, to educate the general public about this medium, and to increase interest in encaustic in the art world. Encaustic, meaning “to burn in” in Greek, dates back to the 5th century B.C. Used as a contemporary medium, it is a versatile method of painting with a beeswax-based paint kept molten on a heated palette. Using an absorbent and sturdy support, artists mix colors, apply wax, fuse, etch, layer, collage, transfer Xerox images and incorporate found objects. It is the policy of N.E.W. that their exhibitions are juried.

Gallery Seven owners Nick Johnson and Kelli Costa received submissions from 21 N.E.W. artists with a total of 61 pieces and 27 works by 14 artists were chosen.There is an array of colorful and textural encaustic pieces including both 2D and 3D. Pamala Crabb’s work is rich with deep greens and blues throughout reminding one of the ocean or the infinite universe, while Charyl Weissbach uses reds and yellows to create serene and mystical landscapes.

Sue Katz’s Animal Vegetable Mineral series entices the viewer to take a closer look to investigate what is protruding or spilling out of the tiny vertical stack of squares and Donna Hamil Talman’s small vibrant sculptures look like jagged edged marble or seashells calling out to be touched (but please don’t!). While Patricia M. Gerkin states that her piece, “Turn of Phrase”, from her “Connections” series “seeks to place itself between dimensions and challenges the concepts of 2-D and 3-D”. Whether it be 2D or 3D there is something for every sense and sensibility in this dynamic exhibition.

ARTISTS: Jeanne Borofsky, Pamala Crabb, Angel Dean, Pamela Dorris DeJong, Dona Mara Friedman, Patricia M. Gerkin, Jeanne Griffin, Kay Hartung, Sue Katz, Donna Hamil Talman, Catherine M. Weber, Kellie Weeks, Lelia Stokes Weinstein, and Charyl Weissbach. 


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